• Nhinh Nguyen Van Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
  • Vi Nguyen Tuong Faculty of Engineering, University of Economics - Technology for Industries
Keywords: LPG/diesel dual fuel, quality of lubricating oil


Lubricating oil quality is an important factor that greatly affects the durability and life of an internal combustion engine. After a period of operation, the oil will be degraded by many factors and no longer guarantee its lubricating ability. Factors affecting the quality of lubricating oil consist of temperature, oxidation, contamination and especially thinning due to physical and chemical changes of the fuel being used.

When converting from a diesel engine to using dual fuel LPG/Diesel, the fuel composition has changed significantly. When LPG fuel is put into the engine, it will form vapor, air or fog droplets, which will cling to the cylinder walls and can mix with the oil to reduce the viscosity.

This article presents the results of a study to evaluate the effects of using dual fuel LPG/Diesel on D1146TI diesel engines with traditional mechanically controlled diesel fuel systems on the indexes of pre-lubricated oil after the engine has run stably for a duration of 0 hours, 50 hours, 70 hours and 100 hours, respectively. Research results show that, when converting a diesel engine to use dual fuel diesel/ LPG does not significantly affect the quality of lubricating oil, thus, there is no need to adjust the regular oil changing frequency.


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