• Pham The Tan Department of Basic Sciences, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: Curie temprature, orthorhomobic, perovskite


In this paper, we research the change in structure and electromagnetic properties of Ca0,6Pr0,4Mn1-yRuyO3 compound, in which Ru (y = 0; 0,03; 0,05; 0,07) substituted for Mn. The samples were prepared by solidphase
reaction method. Structural analysis showed that the sample is single-phase and an orthorhomobic structure of the symmetric Pnma group. We have determined the TC temperature and Tr temperature basing on the thermomagnetic measurements. When Ru substituted for Mn, the TC temperature decreased and reached a minimum at y = 0,05, and increased at y = 0,07. When the concentration of Ru increased, the magnetism of the sample also increased. Resistivity measurements at temperature showed that: in the sample y = 0, we saw the charge-ordered phase at TCO = 291 K. In the others, the charge order phase was broken. In addition, the resistivity depended on temperature according to the ruler of semiconductors and resistivity reduced strongly by temperature.


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