• Nguyen Van Dua National Center for Technological Progress
  • Nguyen Hoang Long Vietnam Maritime University
  • Pham Dinh Kha Vietnam Maritime University
  • Le Dinh Tung Vietnam Maritime University
  • Le Quoc Tuan Vietnam Maritime University
  • Do Anh Tuan Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
  • Do Trong Tuan Vietnam Maritime University
  • Cao Xuan Thao Vietnam Metrology Institute
Keywords: voltage measuring device, insulation oil tester, resistive voltage divide, Teflon


This paper presents research, design and manufacture of the voltage measuring device in the range from 0 to 80kV. The device consists of 03 main components: a mechanical system connected to the insulation oil tester, a measurement circuit processing block and a central processing unit. In particular, the measurement circuit processing block uses a resistive voltage divider system combined with box made of Teflon material to ensure insulation. The test result show that the mechanical design of the box ensures insulation when the test voltage is up to 80kVrms, the error of the device is 0.458% of the reading


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