• Hoang Van Quy Hanoi University of Technology; Hai Phong University
  • Bui Ngoc Tuyen Hanoi University of Technology
Keywords: Freeform surface, modeling, control point


Freeform surfaces (or sculpture surfaces) are smooth surfaces which are used to describe complex
models. Nowadays, freeform surfaces are widely used in many domains of engineering. Modules of modeling and editing freeform surfaces are also integrated in the modern CAD/CAM systems. However, in most systems this module is nontransparent. The user difficultly accesses the database of freeform surface models to use it for the targets as partitioning freeform surface into points cloud or editing it... In this paper, the authors present an algorithm for construction of freeform surfaces based on polygon of control points. A software tool of modeling freeform surfaces written by Matlab has been built, too.. This is the base for researches in future as partitioning the surfaces, optimizing the process of machining free surfaces on the 3 axis CNC milling machine.


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