• Huy Nguyen Quang FPT University
  • Hung Nguyen Truong FPT University
  • Nghia Ha Minh FPT University
  • Minh Nguyen Ngoc Electrical and Electronic Faculty, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
  • Huong Nguyen Thanh School of Information Technology and Digital Economics, National Economics University
  • Hieu Dang Van FPT University
Keywords: Car park system, Intelligent transportation system, Parking technology, Smart Parking system


Urban transportation infrastructure faces mounting challenges as cities develop, with parking capacity, a major concern. Statistics show parking facilities in Hanoi meet just 10 % of total demand. Meanwhile, rising car sales, reaching 41,000 in 2022, along with ineffective management, severely impact limited parking. Recent research proposes a smart parking system using Internet of Things technology to enhance efficiency and sustainability. The system targets key issues including optimal use of scarce space, reducing congestion from parking searches, and decreasing wasted time and fuel in public areas. It would work by installing sensors and real-time guidance to help drivers easily find and navigate to available spots. This minimizes search times while promoting sustainability through lower emissions. This study proposes a smart parking system, allowing users to quickly determine parking locations. The system can also record license plate numbers and track the duration of vehicle stays, facilitating automated payment processes.


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