• Nguyen Duc Luan Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
  • Dong Huy Tam Hung Yen Industrial College
  • Pham Van Thanh Hung Yen Industrial College
  • Nguyen Ngoc Minh Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: PLC controller, HMI, PID controller, Tuning of PID, Water level control, Level loop control


Liquid level control is most widely used in diverse processes industries. The key issue in level control system is liquid level control mechanism. In this paper control of liquid level using PID controller is presented. The system consists of a control module and a leveling module fully functionally described with a P&ID flowchart. In which PLC programmable controller is used, the HMI interface screen sets the parameters and monitors the technological process. The system is designed with small scale to meet in automatic control engineering training. During the research process, the device has been successfully manufactured for easy connection, operation and monitoring; The experimental results show that the control level reaches 0÷100 %, respectively from 0÷40 cm; monitor the actual set parameters as well as the flow rate. The experimental control process shows that the output measures satisfy the given stability criteria before the impact of noise with high confidence. This shows the applicability of the level control system with small scale in training.


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