• Tran Ngoc Thanh Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: GMAW, Stress, Deformation, Comsol


This paper presents an application of Comsol software to simulate and predict the stress and deformation distribution on V groove- and bevel V groove butt joints under changing the bevel angle and welding condition in GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding). The size and value of applied heat source in GMAW process are calculated for twenty-four cases with different bevel angles for V- and bevel V groove joints and six other cases with varying the welding conditions. Results show that the residual stress and deformation of both types of butt joints increase with increasing chamfer angle and root opening. As welding using a bevel-V butt joint, the stress and deformation are smaller than that of a V-butt joint. Moreover, the stress and deformation increase with an increase in the welding current or a decrease in the welding speed. We can predict the stress and strain distribution in other types of welded joints using different welding processes based on the simulation results. From here, there will be a basis for selecting an appropriate welding condition and joint form to limit welding stress and deformation.


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