• Do Tuan Khanh Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: Electric vehicle, Charging station, Power allocation, Charging module


In recent years, the strong development of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, along with policies to encourage the use of electric vehicles, reduce emissions as well as reduce dependence on traditional energy sources. With that, electric vehicles can play an important role in sustainable development. However, the widespread use of electric vehicles will face challenges such as electric vehicles will add a signifcant energy load to the existing grid, battery degradation, charging strategies accordingly. In this paper, the author designs and manufactures a charging module that automatically adjusts the charging current for electric vehicles and proposes a method of power allocation for electric vehicles. Experimental results show that the use of a charging module that automatically adjusts the charging current ensures the safety of the existing power grid, and at the same time satisfes the demand of the vehicle owner.


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