• Nguyen Duy Tan Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: Security threats, Routing Protocols, AODV, MANET, Black hole attack, Network Simulator


Security is one of the most important problems in Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANETs) because of dynamically changing topologies, without centralized coordination system and bandwidth constraint. There are different types of attack such as Denial of service (DoS), wormhole, replay, masquerade, black hole etc. The goal of attacks is usually to disrupt the operation of the network or to affect the network performance. In this paper, we measured multiple black hole attacks simultaneously in Network Simulator 2 (NS2) in terms of throughput, energy efficiency and data packet delivery. We also proposed a simple solution for detection and avoidance black hole attacks. Our simulation results show that the more attackable nodes in network simultaneously, the lower the energy efficiency network performance and if AODV routing protocol with detection and avoidance mechanism (dam) of black hole attack nodes is deployed in network, the performance of network can be better about 35% in comparison AODV without avoidance.


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