• Cao Thi Kien Chung Hung Yen University of Technology and Education
Keywords: Upper shoes, Upper shoes Material, Diabetic’s shoes


Materials are produced shoes for diabetics must ensuring durability, ventilation, antibacterial, creating a feeling of dryness and air for the feet. The paper presents the results of the research to evaluate the durability and hygiene characteristics (water vapour permeability, absorption and antibacterial activity rate) of 06 material samples used to produce upper shoes that are being been used in our country. Based on ISO 17704: 2004 standard; ISO 17693: 2003; ISO 17706: 2003; ISO 17700: 2004, conducted the characterization of tear strength, abrasion resistance, color fastness, tensile strength, elongation. Water absorption and drainage of elastic shoe lining are determined basing on ISO 17699: 2003 standard. Antibacterial activity rate based on ISO 16187: 2013. The results of the study showed that the durability criteria of the 06 samples of materials were quite high to meet the requirements of shoes. The steam permeability and water absorption of the 06 samples are fairly equal. However, the ratio of antibacterial activity to the difference value, samples 2, 3, 4 billion reached nearly 100%, while samples 1, 5, 6 have antibacterial ability of the material almost not available. Thus, samples 2, 3, 4 are suitable materials for the production of shoe details for diabetics, ensuring the durability and hygiene requirements of the product.


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